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ENCFCA 2021 Leadership Voting

We want to explain the voting process and how the election will work.  This year you can vote in person if you come to the meeting tonight or through the Google Form at the end of this email. 

1.  When you vote online it will require you to submit your email address.  This is only to ensure that each person votes one time.  You do not have to submit your name or anything of the sort.  Any information submitted will not be shared with others or anyone else.  All information is housed in the private ENCFCA drive.  After the votes are counted the information will be immediately deleted. 

2.  The way voting works is if a coach does not win the original position they are running for, they may run for a lower position.  For example, there are three coaches running for President (Allen Wooten, Jeremy Joyner, and Mike Twitchell).  Whoever does not win the presidential vote will have the opportunity to run for VP, Secretary, or Treasurer.  Essentially, vote for who you want to serve in each position. 

3.  Voting will end tonight at around 7pm, that way we can announce the new Leadership Team this evening at the meeting.  After that, the voting window will close. 

Any questions please let us know! 


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