The Eastern North Carolina Football Coaches Association (ENCFCA) was created by a group of Eastern North Carolina High School Coaches who saw the need for comradery between coaches and the advancement of the game of football. The ENCFCA was founded to ensure that all football coaches in the Eastern part of North Carolina have a place to voice concerns, discuss issues, speak about football, and find the best practices of the game. It is our goal to bring relevant topics and current advancements to meetings and now to our new website. We are committed to learning the best methods and practices to increase positive exposure of our student athletes and our programs.

Coach Dave Boal (former North Pitt Head Coach, current Croatan AD and defensive coordinator) started the idea of our association. After speaking to other coaches in the area, a meeting was proposed and the start of the association began in 2015. The ENCFCA Winter Clinic started in February 2016 and has grown in popularity every year, with attendance growing consistently. The clinic started in New Bern, was moved to Atlantic Beach, and is now at our current location in Greenville, NC. This clinic brings in the best minds of football in both the high school and college ranks. Our clinic covers a range of topics and has become one of the premier high school coaching clinics in the state of North Carolina.

It is the goal of the ENCFCA to create a solid voice of coaches from the Eastern part of the state and work underneath the umbrella of the NCFCA. Our organization exists to promote teaching and learning of the game of football. It is our hope that you join our association and attend our monthly meetings from January-July!

2019-2021 Leadership Team:

President: Allen Wooten, Head Coach at Havelock High School

Vice President: Jeremy Joyner, Head Coach at South Lenior High School

Secretary: Steve Brooks, Head Coach at C.B. Aycock High School

Treasurer: Charlie Kessel, Assistant Coach at Ayden-Grifton High School

Past Leadership:


President: Paul Cornwell

Vice President: Caleb King

Secretary: Allen Wooten

Treasurer: Charlie Kessel


President: Dave Boal

Vice President: Paul Cornwell

Secretary: Ron Cook

Treasurer: Charlie Kessel


President: Dave Boal