Meeting Minutes: 

January 13th, 2021 

Kings BBQ Kinston, NC 



Caleb King- Rose  

John Wheeler- Princeton

Ryan Gieselman- Kinston 

Todd Lipe- Ayden Grifton

Ronnie McClary- Southern Wayne  

Chris Hughes- NC Preps 

Andrew Farris- Northern Nash 

Steve Brooks- Aycock 

Jeremy Joyner- South Lenoir 

Allen Wooten- Havelock 

Garrett Wingate- Rose 

Michael Barnett- North Johnston 

Travis Gaster- Princeton 

Mike Twitchel- West Craven 

West Craven Asst 

Ron Cook- Pamlico 

Brad Rhodes- North Lenoir

Juan Jackson- Hunt (zoom)

Dave Boal- Croatan (zoom) 

Luke Little- Laney (zoom)

Jon Blank- Farmville Central (zoom) 

Cameron Avery- (zoom)

Tom Willert- (zoom) 

Meeting Minutes: 

Wooten Called the meeting at 6:55 

Topic 1: 2021 Election 

New Officers: 

President- Jeremy Joyner- South Lenoir 

Vice President- Brett Hickman- West Brunswick 

Secretary- Garrett Wingate- Rose 

Treasurer- Charlie Kessel- Ayden Grifton 

Topic 2: East/West Game

Paul Cornwell

East-West Game Information for 2021

Coaching staff will remain the same as 2020

Paul Cornwell: Head Coach- OL/Specialists.

Steve Wright- Cardinal Gibbons- OC/QB/RB.    

Jake Thomas- Cape Fear- DC/LB.

Ryan Gieselman- Kinston- DB.

Russell Dove- South Columbus- DL

Greg Williams- Richmond- WR

The nomination process starts Feb 1st and will go through April 1st

The selection meeting will be on April 17th

The team will be selected and chosen by end of April

Be thinking ahead: Start sending in nominations now to respective position coaches

Coaches have to be members of the coaches association in order for kids to play

Nominate as many as you want but only 2 can play per school

Coaches are responsible for equipment for players

Looking for D2 or lower players, but nominate everyone you think can play, the “tweeners” between D1 and D2

Topic 3: Chris Hughes 

Will be announcing new plans for something in the next couple of weeks.  More geared towards coaches. 

Topic 4: Shrine Bowl 

Northern Nash will be hosting a combine if things are close to normal. 

If you have shrine bowl questions you can ask Chris Hughes as well. 

Topic 5: New Leadership and Direction

Joyner- Will look at new ideas such as an ENCFCA all-area team etc. 

We will release a new constitution and by-laws for the association 

Cornwell- The group has grown tremendously and covers all four regions in the East.  Other parts of the state are in the process of creating associations like ours.  Make sure others know our association is not a rival to the NCFCA.  We all want to work together.  As coaches, we all need to make sure we communicate and work together at a local level to increase our efficiency at the NCFCA meeting in February.  

Lipe- Do we have a priority list or agenda set up for the future? 

Wingate- Covid 19 threw off our original plan of having college coaches speak, etc.  Everything in 2020 has seemed to be very political, from realignment to endowment games etc.  The west wants to start associations like ours.  We need to make sure what we think and agree on so we can all be on the same page. 

Cornwell- We need to advance but make sure we stay true to the original purpose of the association.  Exposure of players to colleges, learning the game of football, and building relationships.  Political conversations are good to have but it does not need to become our sole purpose. 

Joyner- Don’t expect any changes from anything on the state level with an endowment or anything for the next two years as per conversations with members on the board.  

Topic 6: Next meeting 

We will have to see if we will have the state conference in July.  They can wait until July to make that decision.  We would like to have a meeting in July but we will tentatively set a meeting date in May.    

End of Meeting

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