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January 2022 Meeting Minutes

January Meeting Minutes


Jeremy Joyner

Ron Cook

Garrett Wingate

Steve Brooks

Travis Sabdo

Bob Sabdo

Ryan Gieselman

Bud Vincent

Andrew Farris

Cameron Avery

Perry Owens

Todd Lipe

Travis Gaster

John Wheeler

Shane Handy

Garrett Grady

Dave Boal


  1. House Bill 91- Discussions centered around the new legislation and what changes could be made. The conversation focused on how many football games should be played in a year and how many playoff games there should be. Most, if not all agree that 16 games is too much in a season. Classifications were also brought up and how many classifications there should be in the state. Most agree that there should be 6 state championships in every sport. More discussion is needed on how to organize classifications.
  2. ENCFCA All-Area Team– January 10th is the last date to receive nominations for the All-Area Team. Remember, it is two nominations per team. If the player is not nominated by a coach then they will not be selected for the All-Area Team.
  3. ENCFCA/FCA Johnnie Magbie Scholarship- More information for the nomination of players to receive this scholarship will be coming out soon. In general, the student must be a senior football player who is involved with FCA.
  4. Winter Clinic Schedule Finalized- The winter clinic schedule has been finalized and will be sent out later this week. So far there have been 75 coaches pre-register, so we are expecting a great turnout this year.
  5. Locations for Future Meetings for 2022- February- Mt. Olive. March- Wilson. April-Jacksonville. May- Greenville. 

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