Monthly Meetings

November 2020:

When: Monday, November 2nd @ 6:30pm

Where: Ribeyes in Clinton, NC.

Directions to Ribeyes in Clinton, NC

Topics to be discussed:

  • How will you handle basketball running into football season or football overlapping baseball from a player standpoint and/or coach stand point?
  • What have you been doing weight room (or accommodating lifting if your weight room is not open) wise during the pandemic?
  • What have you primarily focused on since you started working your kids out and how have you tried to structure it?
  • How will you handle your install of your offense and defense? (are you keeping the same number of concepts, when will you start the process if you have not done it already, etc)
  • If we still have a normal Summer structure, how will you handle your Summer workouts?  (Same as always, adjust due to Spring season, hybrid)
  • If having a true junior high team (7th -9th grade) and a varsity team (10th-12 grade) is a better option for some of the smaller more rural areas who are struggling to keep their numbers up and having to fold JV.  This option gives the option to the 9th grader to play up or down, but once they go up as a 9th grader they can not go back down.  This is done in the Smoky Mountain 1A conference in football only and is a very good thing according to the coaches in that league.  
  • Realignment model/formula and how it may impact some of our schools

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