November 1st, 2020

Attendance: 20 Total

Paul Cornwell- AP at Farmville Central

Matt Goddard- AD at North Pitt

Joe Salas- HC at Hobbton

Garrett Wingate- Asst. AD at J.H. Rose

Bob Sabdo- Asst. at Havelock

Allen Wooten- HC at Havelock

Jeremy Joyner- HC at South Lenoir

Steve Brooks- HC at C.B. Aycock

Andrew Farris- HC at Northern Nash

Cameron Avery- Asst. at Northern Nash

Brett Hickman- HC at West Brunswick

Ken Avent- HC at James Kenan

Travis Gaster- Head Coach at Princeton

Tim Ray- Head Coach at Goldsboro

Luke Little- Head Coach at Laney  

Brad Rhodes- Head Coach at North Lenoir

Mike Bennett- HC at North Johnston Coach

Meeting Minutes

Meeting called at 6:36 by President Allen Wooten

December meeting December 7th at Parkers in Greenville, NC @6:30

Elections to be held in January for new leadership members

Holiday Inn- Contact left, price will be going up for the Winter Clinic. Thoughts on moving forward to come in the future.

Do the athletes have to wait 10 days after basketball season?   No answer from Que Tucker   

Paul Cornwell

East-West Game Information for 2021

Coaching staff will remain the same as 2020

  • Paul Cornwell: Head Coach- OL/Specialists.
  • Steve Wright- Cardinal Gibbons- OC/QB/RB.    
  • Jake Thomas- Cape Fear- DC/LB.
  • Ryan Gieselman- Kinston- DB.
  • Russell Dove- South Columbus- DL
  • Greg Williams- Richmond- WR
  • Nomination process starts Feb 1st and will go through April 1st
  • The selection meeting will be on April 17th
  • The team will be selected and chosen by end of April
  • Be thinking ahead: Start sending in nominations now to respective position coaches
  • Coaches have to be members of the coaches association in order for kids to play
  • Nominate as many as you want but only 2 can play per school
  • Coaches are responsible for equipment for players
  • Looking for D2 or lower players, but nominate everyone you think can play, the “tweeners” between D1 and D2

Topic 1: How to deal with Covid

  • Basketball athletes- do they have to practice 8 days before they can play?  No answer from Que
  • Basketball overlaps into football season- hurts 1A/2A
  • Luke Little- thinks it may be a three-day acclimatization period for the basketball players per his AT who is on the board
  • Andrew Farris- 6 or 7 will be playing basketball for Northern Nash, 2 OL, planning on just getting through week 1 without the BB players. Talked to Paul Hoggard, will have to cancel the first two weeks of games because of his basketball kids still playing.  
  • With the bigger schools lacrosse is a problem
  • What if the kid wants to play the first week?  Can’t tell them no…
  • Paul Cornwell- Admin and AD need to be on the same page and make a decision together across the board
  • Andrew Farris- How confident are we that this schedule is going to happen?  Cornwell- Go with it as planned
  • Jeremy Joyner- Football minded conference moved the last BB game to the Wednesday of the last week so that the kids could scrimmage football on that Thursday and Friday
  • Brad Rhodes- What are y’all actually doing when It comes to practice?  Depends on the AT and the County. Some are more lenient than others.

Topic 2: Weightlifting

  • Joyner- Everyone has different rules, Not lifting as heavy overall
  • Farris- Some students have access to gyms and they sent them workouts.  County is totally shut down, until just recently.
  • Hickman- 100 Percent skill development

Topic 3: Primary focus for those with no workouts

  • Joyner- The most he has had has been 20 players.  Focusing on footwork and conditioning
  • Allen Wooten- Haven’t been able to touch the ball.
  • Hickman- Putting in RPO’s, etc.
  • Farris- Focus on install for two groups, lineman and skill. Going on Tuesday and Thursdays.  About 60 kids.  With the new rule today of 100 kids everyone is going together starting this week.
  • Wooten- You can’t come to workouts if you have been in a sport out of county, travel baseball, AAU.  If they do they will be suspended 365 days.
  • Hickman- Eligibility is a huge issue.  We set a negative precedent in the Spring of 2020 with the pass/fail option.   
  • Cornwell- 800 kids in the school (at his school) 900 class failures in 1st 6 weeks, 1100 class failures in 2nd 6 weeks.  Giving kids every opportunity to pass, kids aren’t taking advantage of it.  It might get worse before it gets better.

Topic 4: JV Issues

  • Joyner- Had to fold JV last year, football numbers are down.  Talked with Coach Gentry from Murphy in the 1A Smokey Mountain Conference.
    • They play 7th, 8th, 9th grade all on JV and 10th, 11th, and 12th grade all on Varsity.  9th graders can play up or down.  This is a conference decision.  Fearful of no JV teams in smaller schools due to failure from 1st semester or Covid.  Just a thought. 
  • Hickman- SC, GA, TX- Coaches are in charge of all the programs in middle and high school.  If this happened in Brunswick County: They would get 3 extra coaching supplements, and the middle school kids come to practice at the high school.
    • 7-8th grade team
    • Good 8th graders and 9th-grade team
    • Varsity Team
  • Farris- Huge gap in the middle school realm currently

Topic 5: What you might do during the summer

  • Joyner- assuming everything goes perfect, how do you handle the summer? 
  • Might only get the last two weeks in June because of baseball goes to June 11th and the state championship is June 26th.
  • Regular dead periods in July (July 4th and Clinic Week)
  • 5 weeks total during the summer
  • We get the extra week in august

Topic 6: 2021 Realignment

  • Joyner- How does the new formula work?
    • 50%= Using last year ADM’s
    • 25%= Wells Fargo state cup points.  The better your points, the more it bumps you up.
    • 25%= Free and reduced lunch from the official ISP.  The more free lunch, the more it bumps you down
    • Example: Princeton has 580 kids, volleyball and softball is top 8 in Wells Fargo Cup standings, low number of free lunch kids.  Kinston is 640, not high in Wells Fargo and has 90 percent free lunch.  In this scenario, Princeton COULD go up to 2A and Kinston COULD go down to 1A.  
  • For years they have taken out the non-football schools and then added them back in at the end—this year they will keep the non football schools in the formula.

End of Meeting  

Minutes submitted by: Garrett Wingate

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